Learning with focus mitts

I always find hard to learn a technique if I don't see the practicability: where it aims to (head, face etc) or how it would feel hitting something physical. Last Monday, I was learning the Ni Tettsui Uchi (Double hammer fits strike) techniquie and I found when I hit, sometimes I was aiming high and sometimes low and I felt I couldn't just imaging a point to hit and I felt I was doing nothig. So, my husband help me with a pair of focus mitts so that, I could aim to them and hit them. When I did it, I could feel my arms where moving more precise and fluid and I felt much better hitting something phisical reader than just the air. I felt it made more sense in my mind. So when  I practiced the technique again by my self in the air, my mind new how it feels and where to aim at. My confidence increased as I new how it really feels and my movement felt more precise. Now I concider I leanrt that technique and from now on, I'll use the mitts as much as I can.


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